How to choose a dental implant?

An implant is a small titanium screw that fuses with the bone thus permanently replacing the root of the tooth. As with any surgical procedure, there is a possibility that the body will reject the built-in replacement.

How to choose a dental implant?

Most Croatian dental clinics have been fitting dental implants for many years with great success. Because of this, Croatia is one of the most common destinations to which people from Europe, and especially Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, come to place the implants.

To be sure of the success of the procedure, the following questions should be asked:

What kind of dental implants should be chosen?

Together with titanium, completely ceramic implants are also produced. Implants have different lengths and widths depending on which part of the jawbone they are to be fused. Furthermore, implants have different surfaces, which are more suited to the better result of osseointegration. Depending on the quality and amount of available bone, by making the right choice of implant we can avoid surgical procedures such as bone augmentation and sinus lifting. Before placing an implant, it is necessary for your doctor to make the right diagnosis and to explain the state of your jaw as well as to suggest any other implant therapy options to you.

What is the cost of placing dental implants?

Price is often crucial to the choice of implants. If your clinical picture is good and your body is immunologically resistant, and if you have a healthy jaw bone of good volume, there is very little possibility of your rejecting the implants. New technologies have enabled implant manufacturers to produce high quality implant surfaces that easily and quickly bind to the bone. With the complexity of making the surface and quality of the material, implant prices can drastically increase. The quality of the implant will improve the performance of the procedure for those who have health issues, thus it is necessary to choose an experienced implantologist and consult him in order to find the best solution.

Which are the best dental implants brands?

The implants used by most dentists in Croatia and around the world, which have been shown to have the highest percentage of success in construction are those made by Straumann and Nobel Biocare. They have been on the market for a long time, and have been behind a large number of implants fitted, making constant investment into innovative and quality implant surfaces that bond to the bone faster and more easily. These qualities have established these brands as a standard within the implantology industry. Besides these, many dentists also consider Astra Tech, Megagen, Implant Direct, Dentium, BTI and many other quality implants too. It is important that you get a quality certificate and a guarantee with every implant you have fitted. The guarantee is lifelong for high quality implants, while for those of lower quality it is 10 years. So-called Low Cost implants should not be a desirable option as they are produced in small quantities of inadequate quality materials and are prone to cracking and may cause other complications that can lead to more serious surgical interventions.

DMD Tihomir Komadina

The clinics in Croatia that offer lifelong guarantees to their implants are listed below:

Certified dental clinic

Studio Komadina-dental laser specialist

Ul. Vere Bratonje 25, Rijeka, Croatia
1 review

The doctors of the dental office provide all the services in the field of dentistry, panoramic radiograph, diagnostics, prosthetics of superior quality and implant insertion. Patients of the dental... Read more

Certified dental clinic

Vukanović Dental Practice

Lošinjska ul. 16, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental practice is located in Rijeka and offers services in all fields of dentistry. The specific areas of interest and professional training of doctors are implantology and aesthetic dentistry.... Read more

Certified dental clinic

Kalmar Implant Dentistry

Ljubljanska cesta 6, Rijeka, Croatia
2 reviews

Dr. Daniel Kalmar is the owner as well as the director of the family clinic Kalmar Implant Dentistry in Rijeka. The three-generation long Kalmar family medical practice, the individual approach, and... Read more


Rudeška cesta 240 (Vrbani III), Zagreb, Croatia
1 review

The practice equipped with the latest technology was opened in Zagreb and is run by two dental medicine doctors and their team of professionals. The practice provides services in different areas of... Read more

Cukon Dental Clinic

Koparska ul. 18A, Pula, Croatia
3 reviews

The Cukon dental clinic in Pula is a dental clinic with a dental laboratory, specialized in all sectors of modern dentistry; offering at competitive prices interventions of implantology, oral surgery,... Read more


Ul. Antuna Barca 3a, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The center for aesthetic dentistry and implantology was opened in Rijeka in 2014. Many years of work and the continuous training of doctors are aimed at the field of implantology, aesthetic dentistry... Read more

Adriatic dent

Istarska ul. 18, Rovinj (Rovigno), Croatia
0 reviews

The polyclinic is located in Rovinj and offers all dental services. Transport, accommodation and the first visit are organized for the patients of the clinic. Doctors in the clinic are experts in... Read more

Alpha Dental Clinic

Hrvatskih žrtava 23, Trogir, Croatia
0 reviews

The ten year collaboration between the doctors of the dental clinic located in Trogir, near Split, has allowed a complete and high quality dental care for more than 3,000 patients, the precise... Read more

Ars Salutaris

Dobri dol 33, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The founders of the Ars Salutaris Clinic in Zagreb are dr. Pezo, specialist in dental prosthetics, an expert in CAD / CAM technology, the president of the Croatian Dental Chamber, and dr. Ćelić,... Read more


Tometići 1d, Kastav, Croatia
0 reviews

Read more


Pavla Hatza 23., Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The Balenović private dental practice is located in Zagreb. The tradition since 1969, the level of training, skills and cooperation of four dental medicine doctors in offices equipped with modern... Read more

Blašković Dental Polyclinic

Linićeva 16, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Blašković Dental Polyclinic was opened in 1999 in Rijeka. A team of experts stands out with professionalism, following the world trends in dentistry and using modern equipment and the high-quality... Read more

Boćina-Studio Dentin

Kršinićeva 16/1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dental clinic with two modern offices situated in Rijeka offers the complete service and the best dental care, a sterilization room and a space for digital diagnostics. The 15 years of experience and... Read more

Davor Ćurković Dental Practice

Branimirova 49, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The private practice was opened in 2003 in the centre of Zagreb. The office provides all dental services at affordable prices. High quality dental work and satisfied patients are the result of many... Read more

Dent VItalis

Krešimirova ul. 60, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The clinic carries out all dental services with the particular emphasis on implantology and on the creation of prosthetic work in the laboratory equipped with modern digital precision technology where... Read more

Dentabel Dental Practice

Labinci 103C, Kaštelir, Croatia
0 reviews

Doctors with 30 years of experience, more than 10 000 implants, specialized in the field of endodontics, implantology, periodontology and aesthetic dentistry in the modernly equipped dental centre,... Read more

Dental Bolf

Ul. Moše Albaharija 7B, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Bolf has been offering his patients a complete dental service at the private dental clinic located in Rijeka since 2012. Thanks to a good and long cooperation between the doctors, the continuous... Read more

Dental Bošnjak

Ul. Ruđera Boškovića 5, Split, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental practice in Split with its team pay special attention to the procedures for the conservation, care and dental health of their patients in accordance with modern dentistry. Over 80... Read more

Dental Implant Centre

Matteo Benussi 5, Rovinj (Rovigno), Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Željko Popadić runs the modern dental centre in Rovinj as well as the ten-member team of experts. The clinic provides general dentistry and implantology services with the use of modern... Read more

Dental implant+ Jindra-Strika

Prolaz Marije Krucifikse Kozulić 3/III, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Jindra Strika Dental Center is located in Rijeka. It pays particular attention to the quality of the materials and the aesthetics of the work. Technologically equipped offices, friendly staff and... Read more

Dental Mišljenović

Mutilska ul. 4, Pula, Croatia
0 reviews

Private practice began to operate in 2015 in a recently renovated space in Rijeka. The head of the clinic, Dr. Mišljenović, specialist in implantology, is particularly involved in the prevention of... Read more

Dental Stocovaz

Kmeti,Srbarica 44, Umag (Umago), Croatia
0 reviews

The family run dental practice with the dental laboratory is equipped with the best diagnostic devices that have provided an accurate and detailed diagnosis of the patients’ oral health. All branches... Read more


Anina 39, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

Zagreb's dental practice has teamed up with a team of experts with over 40 years of experience in the field of surgery, prosthesis and orthodontics, providing the highest quality dental services at... Read more


Vozišće 31, Viškovo, Croatia
0 reviews

The Dentas Implantology Centre is located in Viškovo, near Rijeka. A multidisciplinary team within the centre represents an advantage for the patient as it provides the best end result thanks to the... Read more


Zametska 1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental centre in Rijeka, with a 20-year tradition, is equipped with the latest technologies including CAD / CAM technology, surgery office and provides comprehensive dental care from friendly... Read more


Gradiščanska ulica 36,, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The newly equipped dental center has been designed in accordance with the highest standards in modern dentistry and provides all dental services using the latest dental techniques, new materials and... Read more

Dentus perfectus

Lastovska 12/a, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

Dentus perfectus dental clinic has been located in the center of the city of Zagreb since 2002 and provides all services in the field of dental medicine with an emphasis on dental prosthetic implants.... Read more

Dr. Ćatović Dental Implantoprosthetic Center

Istarska ulica 19, Pula, Croatia
0 reviews

Thanks to the thirty-year experience in oral surgery and implantology, the doctors of the Pula’s clinic offer a high quality dental service. For more demanding surgical procedures, deep sedation is... Read more

Dr. Sanja Vuić Dental Practice

Trg Drage Iblera 5, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Sanja Vuić opened her dental practice in 1995 in Zagreb. The clinic today disposes of all modern diagnostic devices with only the best dental materials being used. The team of experts from all... Read more

Dr. Zubović Polyclinic

Kranjčevićeva ul. 47, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The quality dental service provided by the professional team is the result of 36 years long experience in all areas of dental medicine, of continuous investment in new technologies and education of... Read more

Dr.Goran Jovičević dentistry & aesthetics

Vrbje ul. 1a, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The Croatian private dental practice with 30 years of experience opened in Zagreb specializes in implantology, aesthetics and restorative dental medicine. The modern dental laboratory is modernly... Read more

Dr.med. dent. Milenko Subotić Dental Practice

Ul. Otokara Keršovanija 37, Pula, Croatia
0 reviews

Dental clinic located in Pula since 2009 in its new centre with three offices and a digital radiography cabinet offers patients all dental services, including surgery, implantology and dental... Read more

Dubrovnik Dental Clinic

Primorska ul. 5 B, Dubrovnik, Croatia
0 reviews

The Croatian dental practice located in Dubrovnik started its work 20 years ago and has obtained more than 57 master certificates thanks to the education of doctors and their work according to the... Read more

Estetica Dentale Croazia

Šubićeva 18, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The Estetica Dentala Croazia Clinic from Zagreb brings together a group of experts from all fields of dentistry. Special attention is paid on the aesthetics and the design of the smile whilst a... Read more

Fabris Dental Centre

Titov trg 3, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Fabris Dental Center was founded 35 years ago by dr. Davor Fabris in Rijeka. Today he successfully runs the center together with his daughter, Dr. Ana Fabris, specialist in oral surgery. He also... Read more

Frankić Implant Centre

Ulica Svetog Spasa 5b, Split, Croatia
0 reviews

The Frankić Implant Centre is located in Split. Five offices with the most modern dental equipment and 12 team members offer fast and efficient dental care. Treatments with the highest world standards... Read more


Petrovaradinska ul. 1, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The high quality service is the result of the work of the Identalia polyclinic team of experts in 4 dental offices equipped with modern technology of the latest generation. The Polyclinic is located... Read more


Užarska 30, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Šarunić opened the iDentic dental practice in the center of Rijeka in 2002. Through 14 years of experience, Dr. Šarunić has been using only materials of world-renowned producers and has dedicated... Read more

Jelić Dental Centre

Hrgovići 33, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

For a quality and fast dental service, consult a dentist in Zagreb, led by a team of young dentists who provide dental services for all age groups. With all the technology you need, including... Read more

Krhen Polyclinic

Masarykova ul. 2, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The Krhen Polyclinic was founded in 2004 in Zagreb. A team of experts, specialists in modern dentistry provide patients with the best dental service with their professional attitude, individual... Read more


Ul. Vladimira Varićaka 22, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

Edin Tuklj, dental technician and owner of the dental centre in Zagreb, has brought together expert dentists and has provided accommodation for patients coming from abroad. The transport to the clinic... Read more

Mandy Maričić Dental Polyclinic

Baštijanova ul. 19, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dental Polyclinic was opened in 2013 in Rijeka. By combining the three generations of dentists, professionals from different fields of dental medicine use modern treatment techniques, and provide... Read more

Maredent Dental Clinic

Marije Krucifikse Kozulić 1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental clinic opened in Rijeka is dealing with the health of its patients using advanced technologies and techniques, meets the highest expectations. Four doctors, two of whom are specialists in... Read more

Martinko Implant Centre

Zagrebačka cesta 126, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

Martinko dental centre with 5 newly renovated dental offices, is located in Zagreb. Head doctor Damir Martinko continually invests in new knowledge and training of his team of experts, in new... Read more

Matell Dental Centre

Ul. Ćirila i Metoda 2, Vodice, Croatia
0 reviews

After 30 years of experience, a small family run clinic has become one of the most modern dental clinics in Croatia. They are specialized in implantology, dental aesthetics and functional diagnostics... Read more


Marinići 5, Viškovo, Croatia
0 reviews

The private dental practice was opened in 1996. The new Mdent dental centre with its modernly equipped offices, the space for sterilization and digital panoramic radiograph was founded in 2012 in the... Read more

Miletić Dental Centre

Ul. Pere Pirkera 15, Sesvete-Kraljevec, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental center is located in Zagreb. A team of eight qualified professionals provides patients a prompt and quality service, quality materials and equipment as well as the dental laboratory.... Read more

Mimica Dental Practice

Ul. Ivane Brlić Mažuranić 46, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The many years of experience and collaboration of the team within the Zagreb Dental Clinic have provided patients with complete dental care in one place. Doctors of the clinic take care of the... Read more

Mr.sc.Miljenka Blažević Dental Practice

Ante Starčevića 5/2, Opuzen, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental practice is equipped with modern technology and is located in the centre of Rijeka. 24 years of experience and a team of three doctors, experts in the field of dental implantology and... Read more

Omega Dental Centre

Strojarska cesta 26, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The private family dental practice with a team of highly qualified professionals has been operating since 2008 in Zagreb. Dental specialists use only the highest quality approved materials and safe... Read more

Orto Nova

Lošinjska ul. 16, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Tiberio Zaverski, specialist in orthodontics, is the owner and the manager of the Orto Nova dental center in Rijeka. He started the family dental practice 30 years ago, and became one of the... Read more

Primus dental

Ul. Antuna Šoljana 24, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

Dental practice has been opened in 2012 within the dental laboratory. Besides the dental practice, 24 years of experience in the final prosthetic works guarantee customers the speed and quality in the... Read more


Smiljanićeva ul. 26, Split, Croatia
0 reviews

In the private dental clinic opened in 2004 in Split, all the procedures of conservative dentistry, dental prosthetics, implantology and paradontology are performed. Patients of the clinic are... Read more

Renata Poropat Pavičić Dental Practice

Fiorello La Guardia 2, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Renata Poropat Pavičić Dental Practice was opened in Rijeka. The latest therapeutic and diagnostic equipment in the office allowed fast processing and results in line with world standards.... Read more


Ul. Franje Čandeka 39, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Željko Miljanić opened the Rident Clinic in Rijeka, and later also in Poreč. He brought together a multidisciplinary team with more than 200 employees, dentists, dental assistants and dental... Read more

Špehar Dental Practice

Trg kralja Tomislava 3, Bjelovar, Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Davor Špehar is a young highly educated dentist who continues to improve his skills in aesthetic dentistry by participating in the post-graduate study at the University of Manchester, Great... Read more

Srdoči Dental Practice

Jelačićev trg 1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Srdoči dental practice is located near Rijeka since 1998 and has been offering all dental services, including precise diagnostics. After the dentist's examination, the digital overview and the... Read more

Štimac Dental Centre

Nova cesta 3, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

Ultra-modern systems, dental radiography technology and the highest standards in dental medicine have provided patients with high-quality service by 11 dental clinic experts working int the clinic... Read more

Tanja Poropat Dental Practice

Zelenice 11, Labin, Croatia
0 reviews

A private clinic located in Labin provides all dental care services since 1993. Dr. Poropat will find the best solution paying attention to your wishes and possibilities in accordance with the rules... Read more


Petra Jurčića 2a, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Viadent Dental Centre was inaugurated in 2013 in Rijeka. The manager and the owner dr. Juraj Prpić started private practice in 2003, combining dental knowledge with modern diagnostic and... Read more


Zrinjevac 6, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental center is located in Zagreb. The team of experts applies multiple types of sedation to help patients feel comfortable during dental treatment. The personalized approach and mutual trust... Read more

Vividenti Kalmar

Izviđačka ul. 2A, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Vividenti Clinic has brought together a group of experts in all areas of dentistry and facial aesthetics to provide their patients the best care in non-invasive procedures and innovative safe methods.... Read more

Vukić Dental Practice

Ul. Dobriše Cesarića 47, Zagreb-Susedgrad, Croatia
0 reviews

The Vukić dental practice is one of the largest clinics equipped with modern devices visited by a number of patients from throughout Europe to receive the highest quality of service for the 70% lower... Read more


Put Murata 12, Zadar, Croatia
0 reviews

The team of doctors in this practice, opened in Zadar in 2016, devotes particular attention to the area of implantology and dental prosthetics. The doctor’s knowledge and experience, the... Read more

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