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Rudeška cesta 240 (Vrbani III), Zagreb, Croazia

Working hours: Open. Closes at 20:30.

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The practice equipped with the latest technology was opened in Zagreb and is run by two dental medicine doctors and their team of professionals. The practice provides services in different areas of dentistry. The best Nobel Biocare implant system is used with adequate guarantees and minimally invasive treatments.

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  • X-ray of the maxillary bone is aimed at setting a correct diagnosis and determining the therapy dynamic.

  • With the use of the intraoral camera, the current state of the teeth and oral cavity is displayed on the screen, which allows the doctor a better interaction with the patient.

  • The digital display of the bite provides a high precision in the construction of bridges and crowns in order to guarantee a high aesthetic and functional value.


  • The implant permanently modifies the root of the missing tooth. The integration of dental implants is a permanent solution, aesthetically and functionally better in case of lack of one, more or all the teeth.

  • By placing the crown on the implant, we replace the missing tooth without additional intervention on the adjacent healthy teeth.

  • A bridge is supported by 4 Nobel Biocare implants that resolves total edentulism without invasive surgical procedures, such as sinus lift and bone graft.

  • Implants with a lifetime warranty.

Dental prosthetics

  • With the placement of the dental crown, the remaining part of the tooth is kept and the appearance and functionality are restored.

  • If you are not suitable for implantology, a bridge of 3 or 4 parts will be fixed on 2 adjacent teeth.

  • Inlay, Onlay, Overlay - better adhesion to a damaged tooth surface and excellent aesthetics are the main advantages of this work compared to composite fillings.

  • By positioning the veeners on the front surface of the tooth, the irregularities are corrected and the desired color, shape and size of the tooth are obtained.

  • The metal-ceramic prosthetic work boasts high strength, durability and aesthetic value.

  • High-strength antiallergic prosthetic material that meets the highest aesthetic standards.

  • The new prosthetic materials guarantee high strength and high aesthetics without a metal base.

  • The titanium base for ceramic teeth is much stronger and lighter than metal.

  • Antiallergic material that reproduces in the best way the resistance of the natural tooth.

  • In case of lack of teeth or implant placement, until the final prosthetic work is awaited, a fully functional temporary denture is immediately placed on the teeth or implants.

Mobile prosthetics

  • Precision attachments can be used to place a mobile prosthesis for the posterior teeth on the healthy front teeth.

  • The acrylic denture is the most economical way to replace all the teeth and is simple to maintain.

  • Prostheses with metal base and fixing clips

Dental aesthetics

  • Besides the aesthetic value, the tartar removal helps in prevention of the formation of caries and the periodontitis.

  • Teeth whitening is performed in the clinic; otherwise splints can be created for the night use.

  • According to the client's wishes and in just one visit, more types of jewelry can be placed into natural teeth or crowns.

Dental restoration

  • Endodontic techniques are used to remove the dental nerve, while the root is being filled and the tooth is being treated.

  • Composite fillings are used to remove minor dental imperfections caused by caries, thus restoring dental aesthetic appearance and functionality.

  • The splints are used to remove the load from teeth and muscles in the event of an irregular bite, and allow the respective functions to be harmonized.

Oral surgery

  • If the tooth damage is too great or strong inflammatory processes are detected, the tooth extraction is applied.

  • In the absence of bone, prior to surgery, the maxillary bone grafting is applied to obtain the required bone volume.

  • By inserting a special mass in the sinus we obtain the volume required to integrate the implant.

  • Apicoectomy is the surgical removal of the root-end cysts.

  • Alveotomy is an ordinary surgical procedure used for the extraction of the wisdom tooth under local anesthesia.

  • Corticotomy is the simple surgical extraction of impacted or ingrown teeth and residual dental roots under local anesthesia.

  • Cyst removal is a surgical procedure used for the removal of cysts under local anesthesia.

  • Blood plasma extract stimulates bone cell regeneration.


  • With the fixed braces the irregularities in the growth of the teeth and the bite are corrected. Treatment lasts for up to two years.

  • The removable braces are applied during the night and correct minor irregularities in the growth of the teeth and the bite.

  • Modern orthodontics allows us to correct the teeth and the bite of adults in a very short time thanks to the removable and transparent Invisalign braces.


  • Plaque removal, recovery of inflamed gums and hygiene are the methods of prevention of periodontitis. Today it is possible to treat it successfully.

  • The bacterial layers are removed from the dental root under local anesthesia.


  • Andrea Burazin Kurti, dr.med.dent.

    Particular interests: Oral surgery, Implantology

  • Jelena Buršić Kadić, dr.med.dent.

    Particular interests: Implantology, Prosthodontics

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Des Moore Armagh
verified review
March 2024

I went to B-Dent in Zagreb, Croatia in September 2023 for 22 crowns on my upper and lower teeth. I found the clinic through google reviews and was confident that I had found the right place to have this dental work completed. Following the completed dental work I began to have issues with discomfort and I had developed a ‘Lisp” which was quite embarrassing as I never had this prior to the dental work. I had hoped these symptoms would dissipate and gave it 3 months to settle before I realised that these issues were not going away. The crowns I was given were all in one piece and much thicker than my original teeth , hence the ‘lisp’ and the discomfort . I was unable to eat foods I could eat before and was so uncomfortable that I wore my mouth guard for 24 hours a day ( apart from when eating) as this gave me some relief from the discomfort. Even drinking tea was an issue with pain and discomfort. Avoid at all costs. Had to have all redone elsewhere at my own cost, ignored by BDent


Rudeška cesta 240 (Vrbani III), 10110 Zagreb, Croatia

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