Why Italian and European citizens visit dentists in Rijeka?

More than 40,000 Italians visit Rijeka dentists every year to take care of their dental health. Health tourism has been developing in this area since the second half of the 19th century and Italians have always visited Kvarner gladly.

Why Italian and European citizens visit dentists in Rijeka?

Thanks to the proximity and good road connection, an increasing number of tourists are choosing Croatian dentists. With the development of dental tourism in the last 50 years, Rijeka's dentists have developed their dental and tourist offer in order to be as available as possible to their European clients. Thanks to a growing number of European, and especially Italian citizens who choose Croatian dentists, those in Rijeka are building new dental clinics every year, following the highest world standards. To be as competitive as possible, Croatian dentists offer:

-Up to 80% lower prices compared to Italy, Germany, England, Hungary and other European countries
-High functional and aesthetic standards of dental work (with guarantees)
-The use of high quality dental materials
-Organisation of transportation and accommodation in destination (usually free of charge)
-The continuous education of dentists, following the highest standards in dentistry
-Free first checkups and offers
-Modernly equipped dental and surgical rooms
-The most modern diagnostic centres within the clinic itself
-Dental laboratories within the clinic itself

In comparison to other Croatian cities, Rijeka dentists have the advantage of geographical position. Thanks to the proximity of Ronchi airport, bus and train stations provide quick and cheap access to Trieste, while almost all Rijeka dentists have organised free transportation from Trieste as well as from other Italian cities to Rijeka. Rijeka has been proclaimed the European Capital of Culture for 2020, which speaks of tourism values, the development of a top quality gastronomic offer and quality and affordable accommodation. Visiting a dentist in Rijeka can be used as a tourist excursion and top gourmet experience with fish and meat specialities in a number of restaurants there.

Certified dental clinic

Kalmar Implant Dentistry

Ljubljanska cesta 6, Rijeka, Croatia
2 reviews

Dr. Daniel Kalmar is the owner as well as the director of the family clinic Kalmar Implant Dentistry in Rijeka. The three-generation long Kalmar family medical practice, the individual approach, and... Read more

Certified dental clinic

Dental Professionals

Škrljevo 25 a, Škrljevo, Croatia
0 reviews

DentalPro Croatia is a modern clinic that combines latest state-of-the-art technology and advanced methods providing top quality at affordable costs and best price guarantee.... Read more

Certified dental clinic

Studio Komadina-dental laser specialist

Ul. Vere Bratonje 25, Rijeka, Croatia
1 review

The doctors of the dental office provide all the services in the field of dentistry, panoramic radiograph, diagnostics, prosthetics of superior quality and implant insertion. Patients of the dental... Read more

A2 Dužević-Dubrović practice

Jože Vlahovića 16, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Open in Rijeka in a pleasant environment, the dental practice offers its patients services in all areas of dental medicine and facial aesthetics. The doctors use the latest materials that guarantee... Read more


Ul. Antuna Barca 3a, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The center for aesthetic dentistry and implantology was opened in Rijeka in 2014. Many years of work and the continuous training of doctors are aimed at the field of implantology, aesthetic dentistry... Read more


Tometići 1d, Kastav, Croatia
0 reviews

Read more

Blašković Dental Polyclinic

Linićeva 16, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Blašković Dental Polyclinic was opened in 1999 in Rijeka. A team of experts stands out with professionalism, following the world trends in dentistry and using modern equipment and the high-quality... Read more

Boćina-Studio Dentin

Kršinićeva 16/1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dental clinic with two modern offices situated in Rijeka offers the complete service and the best dental care, a sterilization room and a space for digital diagnostics. The 15 years of experience and... Read more

Dent VItalis

Krešimirova ul. 60, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The clinic carries out all dental services with the particular emphasis on implantology and on the creation of prosthetic work in the laboratory equipped with modern digital precision technology where... Read more

Dental Anja

Tometići 38, Kastav, Croatia
0 reviews

A modern and comfortable dental practice in Rijeka provides a first free visit, a therapy plan and agreed terms based on the patient's free time. The clinic offers comprehensive dentistry services and... Read more

Dental Bolf

Ul. Moše Albaharija 7B, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Bolf has been offering his patients a complete dental service at the private dental clinic located in Rijeka since 2012. Thanks to a good and long cooperation between the doctors, the continuous... Read more

Dental Clinic Dott.ssa Silva Jonjić-Ahel

Ul. Braće Fućaka 4, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

More than 2500 satisfied patients visit the dental clinic in Rijeka which offers dental services using modern equipment and new treatment techniques, which provides the best results. In order to... Read more

Dental clnic Tina Babić

Dražice 121d, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

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Dental core

Gorice 2/A, Kastav, Croatia
0 reviews

Read more

Dental implant+ Jindra-Strika

Prolaz Marije Krucifikse Kozulić 3/III, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Jindra Strika Dental Center is located in Rijeka. It pays particular attention to the quality of the materials and the aesthetics of the work. Technologically equipped offices, friendly staff and... Read more

Dental Olujić

Ul. Ivana Dežmana 6, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The continuous work and professional training that allow us to provide the highest quality of dental services tailored to the needs and wishes of the patient, have developed a new approach in the work... Read more


Vozišće 31, Viškovo, Croatia
0 reviews

The Dentas Implantology Centre is located in Viškovo, near Rijeka. A multidisciplinary team within the centre represents an advantage for the patient as it provides the best end result thanks to the... Read more


Ul. Nikole Tesle 12, Zadar, Croatia
0 reviews

Master of dentistry Damir Zekić is the head of the Dentex Dental Centre located in Zadar. The high sterilization standards, the quality, the speed, the guarantees on the work done and a dental... Read more

Denticro Dental Practice

Gundulićeva ul. 4, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Denticro dental practice in Rijeka with over 20 years of experience offers patients complete dental care with maximum aesthetics and functionality, respecting the patient's time. The staff of the... Read more


Andrije Medulića 8, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The family dental practice was opened in 1998 in Malinska, on the island of Krk. Today, offices with new equipment in Rijeka and Malinska are run by dental specialist in the field of implantology and... Read more

Dr. Dedić Dental Clinic

Corrado Illiassich 22, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The clinic is located in Rijeka, just 60 km from Trieste. Dr. Dedić and his team provide services in all areas of dentistry at prices 50% lower than those in Italy. Read more

Dr. Tamara Jović Marot Dental Practice

I.G.Kovačića 47, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The high quality and aesthetics of the dental work of the renowned Croatian dental clinic are the result of 20 years experience and continuous improvement of Dr. Marot. The clinic puts an emphasis on... Read more

Dr.Koran implantology and dental aesthetics

Ivana Dežmana 8, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Aesthetic dental practice Dr. Koran was opened in 1974 in the center of the city of Rijeka. Today, the dental offices of the family run dental clinic are equipped with highly sophisticated... Read more

Dr.med.dent. Milan Ivaniš Dental Practice

Braće Bačić 35/A, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

In a modern dental practice opened in 2001 in Rijeka, individual approach to the patient allows to find the best solution for the patient. Excellent diagnostics, high-quality dental materials and a... Read more

Elvis Dombaj esthetic dental center

Tizianova ul. 12B, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

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Fabris Dental Centre

Titov trg 3, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Fabris Dental Center was founded 35 years ago by dr. Davor Fabris in Rijeka. Today he successfully runs the center together with his daughter, Dr. Ana Fabris, specialist in oral surgery. He also... Read more


Užarska 30, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Šarunić opened the iDentic dental practice in the center of Rijeka in 2002. Through 14 years of experience, Dr. Šarunić has been using only materials of world-renowned producers and has dedicated... Read more

In Dental Estetica

Ul. Franje Belulovića 15, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

In Dental Estetica is a modern center for implantology and aesthetic dentistry with multiple dental offices and dental laboratory Velimir Žujić. A family run dental center with 35 years of experience,... Read more

Irena Lušičić Dental Practice

Turkovo 1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Lušičić has been running the practice since 2000 and is actively and continuously instructed in all fields of dentistry. She speaks excellent English, Italian and German and provides for her... Read more

Jasprica Dental Practice

Žuknica 1 B, Kostrena, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental clinic in Kostrena offers a high quality dental work thanks to the continuous professional training of Dr. Jasprica who applies new techniques and modern materials. Besides dental services,... Read more

Jukica Dental Polyclinic

Užarska 2/2, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Our dental laboratory, 27 years of experience, a team of 20 employees and doctors who speak fluent Italian and English are the the advantages of the Croatian clinic located in Rijeka. The patients of... Read more

Jurica Kodak Dental Practice

Osječka 74/A1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental practice was opened in Rijeka and offers excellent dental care with an emphasis on general and aesthetic dentistry. All dental services can be carried out in one place, thanks to the... Read more

Majer Dental Practice

Martina Kontusa 27, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Majer family-run practice was founded in Rijeka after 40-years tradition and experience. Experienced doctors using new technologies and materials provide quality results in dental procedures and... Read more

Mandy Maričić Dental Polyclinic

Baštijanova ul. 19, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dental Polyclinic was opened in 2013 in Rijeka. By combining the three generations of dentists, professionals from different fields of dental medicine use modern treatment techniques, and provide... Read more

Maredent Dental Clinic

Marije Krucifikse Kozulić 1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental clinic opened in Rijeka is dealing with the health of its patients using advanced technologies and techniques, meets the highest expectations. Four doctors, two of whom are specialists in... Read more


Marinići 5, Viškovo, Croatia
0 reviews

The private dental practice was opened in 1996. The new Mdent dental centre with its modernly equipped offices, the space for sterilization and digital panoramic radiograph was founded in 2012 in the... Read more

MH Dental Hrstić

Brajšina ul. 1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The practice was opened in 1998 in Rijeka. It provides different dental services with guarantees for dental procedures performed issued to patients. On their website you can check and use their... Read more

mr.sc Edita Mrčan, dr.med.dent. Dental Practice

Adamićeva 24/II, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Rijeka dental practice was inaugurated in 2003, providing dental treatments from all areas of dental medicine. It specializes in treating the root canal, reconstructive and prosthetic dental... Read more

Mr.sc.Miljenka Blažević Dental Practice

Ante Starčevića 5/2, Opuzen, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental practice is equipped with modern technology and is located in the centre of Rijeka. 24 years of experience and a team of three doctors, experts in the field of dental implantology and... Read more

Orto Nova

Lošinjska ul. 16, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Dr. Tiberio Zaverski, specialist in orthodontics, is the owner and the manager of the Orto Nova dental center in Rijeka. He started the family dental practice 30 years ago, and became one of the... Read more

Renata Poropat Pavičić Dental Practice

Fiorello La Guardia 2, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Renata Poropat Pavičić Dental Practice was opened in Rijeka. The latest therapeutic and diagnostic equipment in the office allowed fast processing and results in line with world standards.... Read more


Hosti 103/1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

RIVIERA DENT is located in the western part of RIJEKA town, in Hosti street n. 103/1. We have more than 25 years of experience in dental care. We offer dental medicine service utilizing only the best... Read more


Hegedušićeva ul. 10, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental practice located in Rijeka provides all the services in dentistry, collaborating with experts specialized in various fields. The practice is equipped with modern technology, whilst new... Read more

Smile Studio

Bribirska ul. 2, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Smile Dental Clinic and Studio started with the practice in 2003 in Rijeka. It is equipped with modern technologies that are supplied by world producers. An individual approach to the patient,... Read more

Srdoči Dental Practice

Jelačićev trg 1, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Srdoči dental practice is located near Rijeka since 1998 and has been offering all dental services, including precise diagnostics. After the dentist's examination, the digital overview and the... Read more

Stradiot Dental Practice

Trpimirova ul. 2, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Stradiot Dental Practice is located in the centre of Rijeka. Specificity of the team of four experts is an interdisciplinary approach that gives the best results in diagnosis and solutions... Read more

Unlimited Smile

Ul. Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 14, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The dental clinic is located in Rijeka and consists of a dental office and a dental laboratory, which provides dental services of the highest standards. The first visit and the panoramic radiograph... Read more


Petra Jurčića 2a, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The Viadent Dental Centre was inaugurated in 2013 in Rijeka. The manager and the owner dr. Juraj Prpić started private practice in 2003, combining dental knowledge with modern diagnostic and... Read more

Vividenti Kalmar

Izviđačka ul. 2A, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

Vividenti Clinic has brought together a group of experts in all areas of dentistry and facial aesthetics to provide their patients the best care in non-invasive procedures and innovative safe methods.... Read more

Zimmermann dental

Slaviše Vajnera Čiče 4, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The dentistry clinics in Opatija, Rijeka and Zagreb offer their patients from Italy all dental services in one place as well as the accommodation in the clinic proximity. In a modern office equipped... Read more

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