Croatian dental clinics provide a PCR test for Covid 19, which makes travelling to Croatia easy

Although the Italian authorities have imposed mandatory testing for Italian citizens returning from Croatia, this is not a problem for visitors to some dental clinics here.

Croatian dental clinics provide a PCR test for Covid 19, which makes travelling to Croatia easy

Croatian dentists have organised the following for all patients starting medical treatment in Croatia:

  • Testing for Covid 19 as soon as possible, which is usually free
  • Transport to Italy the same day
  • Accommodation in Croatia for those patients who want it, which is usually free

Testing is organised both in the morning and in the afternoon so that results are ready the same day, allowing patients a quick and easy return to Italy. Patients receive the test results on their smart phone, so there is no need to return to the facility where the test took place. Testing is usually free for patients, although if not covered by the clinic the cost of testing is around € 90.

Many clinics have organised free accommodation for clients arriving with their own cars who want to stay overnight in order to spend their time more comfortably in Croatia.

 To keep patients safe from infection in dental studios, the protection procedure is as follows:

  • Wearing protective masks and gloves in all indoor areas
  • Hand disinfection
  • Measuring patients' temperatures with a non-contact thermometer
  • Respecting social distance in waiting rooms
  • Regular sterilization and disinfection of all common and work surfaces
  • Separation of the patient and reception with protective plexiglass
  • Doctors are equipped with special disposable suits and protective visors
  • Ventilation and disinfection of indoor areas

Below is a list of dental clinics in Croatia that have organised Covid 19 testing for their patients.




Certified dental clinic

Kalmar Implant Dentistry

Ljubljanska cesta 6, Rijeka, Croatia
2 reviews

Dr. Daniel Kalmar is the owner as well as the director of the family clinic Kalmar Implant Dentistry in Rijeka. The three-generation long Kalmar family medical practice, the individual approach, and... Read more

Certified dental clinic

Studio Komadina-dental laser specialist

Ul. Vere Bratonje 25, Rijeka, Croatia
1 review

The doctors of the dental office provide all the services in the field of dentistry, panoramic radiograph, diagnostics, prosthetics of superior quality and implant insertion. Patients of the dental... Read more

Cukon Dental Clinic

Koparska ul. 18A, Pula, Croatia
3 reviews

The Cukon dental clinic in Pula is a dental clinic with a dental laboratory, specialized in all sectors of modern dentistry; offering at competitive prices interventions of implantology, oral surgery,... Read more


Remetinečki gaj 2k, Zagreb-Novi Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

Read more

Ars Salutaris

Dobri dol 33, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

The founders of the Ars Salutaris Clinic in Zagreb are dr. Pezo, specialist in dental prosthetics, an expert in CAD / CAM technology, the president of the Croatian Dental Chamber, and dr. Ćelić,... Read more

Dent VItalis

Krešimirova ul. 60, Rijeka, Croatia
0 reviews

The clinic carries out all dental services with the particular emphasis on implantology and on the creation of prosthetic work in the laboratory equipped with modern digital precision technology where... Read more

Dental Stocovaz

Kmeti,Srbarica 44, Umag (Umago), Croatia
0 reviews

The family run dental practice with the dental laboratory is equipped with the best diagnostic devices that have provided an accurate and detailed diagnosis of the patients’ oral health. All branches... Read more

Go Dent

Kandlerova ulica 44, Pula, Croatia
0 reviews

Pula’s clinic certified according to the highest European standards offers dental services in the field of implantology, prosthetics, orthodontics and other fields of dental medicine. A specialized... Read more

Martinko Implant Centre

Zagrebačka cesta 126, Zagreb, Croatia
0 reviews

Martinko dental centre with 5 newly renovated dental offices, is located in Zagreb. Head doctor Damir Martinko continually invests in new knowledge and training of his team of experts, in new... Read more

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