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Apolonia dental polyclinic was founded on 40 years old tradition in private dental practice. It is located in the Zagreb city center whilst its modern dental practices are equipped with new technologies. It is run by dr.sc., dr.med.dent. Tomislav Lauc, specialist in orthodontics. His professional team is specialized in orthodontics, prosthetics and diagnostics. The expert doctors have placed thousands of implants and realized large number of prosthetic works.

  • Number of dental studios 5


  • The 3D digital display allows the doctor to determine a correct diagnosis, with the consequent precise and safe implant placement.

  • X-ray of the maxillary bone is aimed at setting a correct diagnosis and determining the therapy dynamic.

  • The digital display of the bite provides a high precision in the construction of bridges and crowns in order to guarantee a high aesthetic and functional value.

  • After the digital measurement of the bite with the Arcus digma apparatus, a splint is made which corrects any abnormal bite and the ATM, preventing the teeth grinding as well.

  • Digital measurement of teeth colour, transparency as well as prosthetic work for maximum aesthetic effect.

  • With the ozone therapy of clean channels and postoperative gingiva lesions, bacteria are eliminated and rehabilitation is accelerated.


  • The implant permanently modifies the root of the missing tooth. The integration of dental implants is a permanent solution, aesthetically and functionally better in case of lack of one, more or all the teeth.

  • By placing the crown on the implant, we replace the missing tooth without additional intervention on the adjacent healthy teeth.

  • There is the possibility of placing a bridge with several crowns on 2 implants without additional intervention on adjacent healthy teeth.

  • A bridge is supported by 4 Nobel Biocare implants that resolves total edentulism without invasive surgical procedures, such as sinus lift and bone graft.

  • 6 implants allow the placement of prosthetic works functionally and aesthetically more advanced, such as zirconia-ceramic or glass-ceramic bridge.

  • Implants with a lifetime warranty.

  • Implants with a lifetime warranty.

  • Dentistry branch dealing with implant surgery

  • Denture fixed on 4 to 12 dental implants

Dental prosthetics

  • With the placement of the dental crown, the remaining part of the tooth is kept and the appearance and functionality are restored.

  • If you are not suitable for implantology, a bridge of 3 or 4 parts will be fixed on 2 adjacent teeth.

  • Inlay, Onlay, Overlay - better adhesion to a damaged tooth surface and excellent aesthetics are the main advantages of this work compared to composite fillings.

  • By positioning the veeners on the front surface of the tooth, the irregularities are corrected and the desired color, shape and size of the tooth are obtained.

  • The metal-ceramic prosthetic work boasts high strength, durability and aesthetic value.

  • High-strength antiallergic prosthetic material that meets the highest aesthetic standards.

  • The new prosthetic materials guarantee high strength and high aesthetics without a metal base.

  • Manufacture of final works, dental crowns, dental bridges and dental prostheses in a dental laboratory which are fixed on implants or natural teeth.

Mobile prosthetics

  • If you have healthy front teeth, a partial mobile prosthesis can be placed on them and the posterior teeth can be replaced without surgery, using a metal structure with a special articulated connection.

  • Precision attachments can be used to place a mobile prosthesis for the posterior teeth on the healthy front teeth.

  • The acrylic denture is the most economical way to replace all the teeth and is simple to maintain.

Dental aesthetics

  • Besides the aesthetic value, the tartar removal helps in prevention of the formation of caries and the periodontitis.

  • Teeth whitening is performed in the clinic; otherwise splints can be created for the night use.

  • After a computerized analysis, the planning and digital design of the smile begins.

Dental restoration

  • Endodontic techniques are used to remove the dental nerve, while the root is being filled and the tooth is being treated.

  • Composite fillings are used to remove minor dental imperfections caused by caries, thus restoring dental aesthetic appearance and functionality.

  • Laser for caries removal is painless and preserves most of the remaining healthy dental tissue.

  • Regular visits to the dentist in early childhood guarantee a knowledge of oral hygiene and allow the doctor to identify potential dental abnormalities and a prevention program.

Oral surgery

  • In the absence of bone, prior to surgery, the maxillary bone grafting is applied to obtain the required bone volume.

  • By inserting a special mass in the sinus we obtain the volume required to integrate the implant.

  • With a surgical procedure the visible part of the gums is reduced and the crown of the tooth is extended.

  • Surgical procedures in the oral cavity.


  • Adults can correct irregularly grown teeth in just 6 months with a transparent mobile braces.

  • With the fixed braces the irregularities in the growth of the teeth and the bite are corrected. Treatment lasts for up to two years.

  • The removable braces are applied during the night and correct minor irregularities in the growth of the teeth and the bite.

  • The orthodontic braces is preferably applied in infancy in order to correct the bite and to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth and the bite.

  • Modern orthodontics allows us to correct the teeth and the bite of adults in a very short time thanks to the removable and transparent Invisalign braces.

  • A branch of dentistry that deals with the placement of dental appliances

  • Interceptive orthodontics refers to the examination of a seven to nine years old child, and to the identification of the need for an orthodontic braces.

  • After placing the prosthetic device in adults, an orthodontic therapy is performed - the correction of the bite.


  • Plaque removal, recovery of inflamed gums and hygiene are the methods of prevention of periodontitis. Today it is possible to treat it successfully.


  • Doc.dr.sc. Tomislav Lauc, dr.med.dent.

    Specialization: Orthodontics specialist

  • Ivana Rupić, dr.med.dent.

    Specialization: Orthodontics specialist

  • Antonia Tarle, dr.med.dent.

    Particular interests: Polyclinic manager, Oral surgery

  • Katarina Guštin, dr.med.dent.

    Particular interests: Preventive dentistry, Restorative dentistry

  • Petra Gajski, dr.med.dent.

    Particular interests: Cosmetic dentistry

  • Andrea Labetić, dr.med.dent.

    Particular interests: Cosmetic dentistry, Conservative dentistry, Periodontology

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