Advantages of using lasers in modern dentistry

The advantages of laser versus classic work are: reduced pain during the procedure, preservation of maximal volume of dental tissue, sterilisation of the working area and biostimulation or faster healing of treated soft tissues.

Advantages of using lasers in modern dentistry

When it comes to dental medicine, lasers have been present for many years, since the late 1980s. However, because of the high cost and required education in laser application, it is only used by a small number of clinics. Studio Komadina boasts that it is one of the few clinics to use dental lasers in its daily practice in almost every procedure, having professionally trained staff who are constantly educated in the field of lasers in dental medicine. Lasers can be used on both hard and soft tissues, which is why Studio Komadina uses two different types by Biolase manufacturer.
Lasers are used in almost every branch of dental medicine. Classic treatment of inflammatory processes, granulomas and cysts are now history. Thanks to laser technology, the cure of such diseases is much faster, more painless and more successful.

The treatment of viral diseases such as Herpes Simplex and Zoster was previously thought to be unthinkable, the laser treatment of such diseases in Studio Komadina has proved to be much more successful, shortening recovery time and leading to complete recovery in record time.

Laser caries removal is contactless and selective. This reduces pain and stress on the tooth, leaving healthy dental tissue intact while at the same time sterilising the area of work by killing germs with laser beam, which contributes to a better prognosis for the pulp and tooth as a whole.

The treatment of periodontal diseases has never been more comfortable and effective. The classic treatment of such diseases requires curettage and polishing of the roots by curettes to stop the disease, which is quite uncomfortable, painful and traumatic for patients. Laser therapy results in much better results in less time, without pain and trauma for patients.
Lasers have led to a revolution in dental medicine where they have not only facilitated the patient's experience in the clinic but also improved the level of quality of service provided.

DMD Marin Karabaić Msc. Oral surgery/implantology

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