Author: Daniel Kalmar, dr.med.dent.

How to replace one missing tooth?

Depending on the condition of a patient's health, the wear or health of adjacent teeth and the patient's wishes, a missing tooth can be replaced by fixing a three-tooth dental bridge to adjacent teeth or by installing a dental crown implant.

How to replace one missing tooth?

Despite the positive development of dentistry and better education quality on the importance of proper and consistent oral hygiene, patients are often left with a single tooth missing, especially in the front, which often challenges the dentist to meet patient expectations and, of course, to meet the highest aesthetic and functional components.

What are the possibilities?

The lack of one tooth, either in the front or in the back zone, can be compensated:

1.      By installing a dental implant

Implant-prosthetic therapy today is the gold standard for repairing the lack of a single tooth, either in the front or back zone. By installing implants with a crown, we protect adjacent teeth, prevent the jaw bone from pulling and other teeth from moving towards the empty space. We therefore restore the perfect aesthetics and functionality of a natural tooth.

Treatment is painless and, above all, a quick procedure, as well as the having the possibility of immediate production, that is fixing of a temporary tooth to an implant during therapy, it provides both the patient and dentist with excellent control, agreement on material selection and, ultimately, achieves the fulfilment of both an aesthetic and functional role.

Modern technologies and procedures allow us to install implants in patients with bone deficiency, inadequate bone quality or defects present with minimally invasive procedures under local anaesthesia, while paying maximum attention to providing the most pleasant experience for the patient.

The price of installing an implant with a metal ceramic crown will cost around 800 EUR, while a premium implant with a lifetime warranty and a zircon crown will cost around 1200 EUR.

2.      By installing a dental bridge

The creation of a dental bridge allows us to compensate for the lack of a single tooth in cases when the installation of a dental implant is not possible, or adjacent teeth are damaged or worn out, and can be used as supports for missing teeth, and at the same time restore their aesthetics and function.

Despite today's technologies, the dentist is often faced with situations in which the installation of a dental implant is not possible.

The reasons can be chronic diseases, inadequate hygiene, which is a poor foundation for the success of the therapy itself, as well as various other factors.

The construction of the dental bridge itself is minimally invasive, it enables immediate or prompt placement of temporary teeth, and agreement with the patient about all factors, desires and materials, while fulfilling the functional aspect.

Under local anaesthesia, the dentist prepares two adjacent teeth by grinding, minimally changing and modifying the shape of the tooth.

By placing the crowns on the adjacent teeth prepared by previous grinding, a base for the placement of the dental bridge is created, where the crown in the middle is a supplement that replaces the tooth we are missing.

Installation of a metal-ceramic bridge will cost around 600 EUR, while a zircon bridge will cost around 900 EUR.

Once again, good communication with the patient, listening to the patient's wishes and, above all, a professional and expert attitude create a mutually pleasant experience.

The possibilities are many, the choice of materials wide, and therefore we encourage you to proceed bravely and without fear!

Daniel Kalmar, dr.med.dent.

Daniel Kalmar, dr.med.dent.

Dr. Daniel Kalmar is the owner of the Kalmar Implant Dentistry dental clinic. He is an excellent expert in the field of implantology and dental prosthetics. He is a member of national and international dental associations and a participant in many international congresses. Fluent in English and Italian.

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