Why not use your holiday in Croatia to visit a dentist?

Nothing beats a visit to a dentist during your holiday in Croatia.The number of top clinics and studios is impressive, especially in Rijeka, Pula, Rovinj Poreč and Zagreb.

Why not use your holiday in Croatia to visit a dentist?

Dental clinics are mainly located near attractive destinations so you will not lose much time visiting a dentist. You will find it easy to explain your problem in Croatia as most dentists speak fluent Italian and English. There are a number of reasons to visit a dentist during your holiday, and I would like to highlight the most important.

A simple first examination

Most clinics provide your first examination free of charge. At this point you will be examined and given one or more solutions to your problem. Most of the clinics in Croatia are equipped with the latest diagnostic devices, so you can instantly get images during your first examination, which will enable a better diagnosis (3D-TAC, panoramic radiograph, radiovisiography…)

Money saving

The prices of dental services, especially implants, can be up to 70% lower compared to those in Italy and up to 80% lower compared to some EU countries.
Most clinics will accept credit cards, so payment in instalments will not present a problem.

The possibility to choose

A large number of dentists in Croatia guarantee the choice of clinic that best suits you. The best way to choose a clinic is to visit specialist websites such as www.what-dentist.com where dentists are presented in such a way to allow you to easily search and compare relevant data. We strongly recommend that you request to be contacted by their counsellors before visiting the clinic, as they will recommend the best clinic and will organise the first examination.

Proximity and traffic connectivity

If you live in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, you will be able to reach Croatia easily by car.
If you are coming from more distant European countries you will simply find a flight to Croatia, which, being a great tourist destination, is excellently connected to all major European airports.

Experience and tradition

Italians have been coming to Croatia since the 1970s for various dental procedures. Dentists in Croatia are highly educated, and clinics and studios are well equipped.

Beautiful tourist destinations

Croatia is deservedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It offers wonderful sea, gourmet offers and historical sights that will make your stay in Croatia an unforgettable experience. Here is a list of some of the most desirable destinations for dental tourism:

* Opatija / Abbazia
* Rijeka / Fiume
* Zagreb / Zagabria
* Crikvenica / Cirquenizza
* Split / Spalato
* Zadar / Zara
* Pula / Pola
* Rovinj / Rovigno
* Umag / Umago
* Novigrad / Cittanova
* Dubrovnik / Ragusa
* Poreč / Parenzo

Once you are aware of this, there is nothing else left but to visit Croatia and return home with a brand new smile!


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